Sweetest One, The

ISBN 9781770864320 | 5.5″ x 8.5″ | TPB | $21.95

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Cosmopolitan and curious seventeen-year-old Chrysler Wong suffers from a debilitating fear brought on by belief in a family curse. Three of her siblings have died after turning eighteen and venturing beyond the borders of their tiny rural Alberta town, and the fourth, her favourite, has recently left and is incommunicado. Is she destined to share their fate – or worse, doomed to live a circumscribed life?


About the Author

Mah, Melanie - was born in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, and currently resides in Toronto. The Sweetest One is her first novel. (read more)


“[The Sweetest One] captivated me … Mah’s writing never lets the reader down right to the last page.”
The Sun Times

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Sweetest One, The - Melanie Mah
ISBN 9781770864320 | 5.5" x 8.5" | TPB | $21.95

Set in central-western Alberta, the book asks larger questions about growing up, and about life itself — particularly, how you would live if you knew your life would soon be ending. Would you live a circumscribed life if you thought it meant you would survive? What amount of sacrifice is worth it? (read more)

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