Giraffe and Bird

by Rebecca Bender

ISBN 9781897151846 | 9" x 11" | HC w/ dust jacket | Full colour illustrations
$18.95 | Age: 3-6 | 32 pp

Categories:Picture Book
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Winner of the 2012 OLA Blue Spruce Award

Shortlisted for the 2011 CBA Libris Award for Children's Picture Book of the Year

Finalist for the 2011 SYRCA Shining Willow Award

It’s true that getting along can be difficult, but Giraffe and Bird don’t even try. When Bird makes a face, Giraffe sticks out his tongue; when Bird tweets in his ear, Giraffe invades Bird’s personal space. And so it goes. Bird can’t put up with Giraffe’s bad breath; Giraffe can’t abide it when Bird eats too much fiber and then…Well, you know. If you ask them, Giraffe and Bird will tell you: they can’t stand each other. One day Giraffe loses his patience and Bird is fed up. “Scram!” says Giraffe. “Get lost!” says Bird. And so they do.

You would think they’d be happy now, but you might be wrong. Without each other, how will Bird and Giraffe weather the coming storm?

A hilarious debut by author and artist Rebecca Bender, Giraffe and Bird combines a clever text introducing synonyms with bright, expressive art to tell the funny and slightly tender story of two enemies who eventually realize they are much better off together.




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Giraffe and Bird launch on Bravo!News (begins at 2:50)

from Giraffe and Bird
It's true that getting along can be difficult.
If the bird could tell you, he'd say
he can't stand the giraffe.

And if the giraffe could tell you he'd say
he can't abide the bird.

"It's a book that a child is going to laugh out loud at when they see the illustrations. It's a beautiful book, and I think that it's one that is going to entice the reader to read more."
- Ken Setterington, CBC Childrens' Book Panel
"Toronto author-illustrator Rebecca Bender has created a confident, colorful, and very funny picture book ... A delightful debut."
- Quill and Quire
"An excellent beginning to what, hopefully, will be a long career in authoring and illustrating picture books ... Highly recommended."
- CM Magazine
"The marriage of words and pictures here is perfect ... Thoroughly charming."
- Canadian Childrens' Book News
"This is a wonderful, humorous story about friendship ... The characters are fully realized in their expressiveness, full of quirks that children will love."
- Resource Links
"A delightful romp."
"Delightful ... [Bender] has hit the ball out of the park with her first picture book ... If Giraffe and Bird is any indication of what's to come, Dancing Cat Books is well on its way to the major leagues of kids' publishing."
- Kids' Book News and Reviews
"Sheer genius ... Delightful ... Giraffe and Bird gets my wholehearted recommend."
- Ten Stories Up
"A great debut ... [Bender's] characters are full of expression and humor, the text is fun and enlightening ... This is a book I will return to again and again."
- Sal's Fiction Addiction