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Advocate - ISBN 9781770864719 | 5.5″ x 8.5″ | TPB | $22.95 Category: Literary Novels   Find   Synopsis When Jacob is called back to Advocate, he is not only returning home again, something he knows he cannot really do; he is going to face his dying grandmother and the people of the town who turned on […]
Griffintown - Marie Hélène Poitras
translated by Sheila Fischman
ISBN 9781770863880 | 5.125" x 7.625" | TPB | $21.95

Loaded with grit, heart, murder, and desire, Griffintown harnesses the style of a Spaghetti Western to tell the exhilarating story of the coachmen of Old Montreal, the city’s urban cowboys. (read more)
Land Mine, The - Eric Wright
ISBN 9781770864603 | 5.125" x 7.625" | TPB | $20

World War II finally hits home, literally, when a German “land mine” destroys the roof of Derek's mother's London home, and they are forced to live with his grandparents. Then Derek discovers that his backyard air raid shelter has been taken over by a suspicious man who claims to be a British double agent. (read more)
Molly O - Mark Foss
ISBN 9781770864306 | 5.125" x 7.625" | TPB | $20

When his father dies, a Montreal film professor who is estranged from his brother and believes that his long-lost sister has become the star of a series of experimental erotic films, attempts to reunite his family at the funeral. (read more)
Sweetest One, The - Melanie Mah
ISBN 9781770864320 | 5.5" x 8.5" | TPB | $21.95

Set in central-western Alberta, the book asks larger questions about growing up, and about life itself — particularly, how you would live if you knew your life would soon be ending. Would you live a circumscribed life if you thought it meant you would survive? What amount of sacrifice is worth it? (read more)
Hope Makes Love - Trevor Cole
ISBN 9781770864566 | 5.5" x 8.5" | HC | $29.95

With his award-winning comic touch, Trevor Cole has written a novel of great compassion and depth, taking an innovative approach to the brain-versus-heart debate that has been the material for philosophers, poets, dramatists, and novelists for centuries. (read more)
Pain Tree, The - Olive Senior
ISBN 9781770864344 | 5.5" x 8.5" | TPB | $22.95

Winner of the 2016 OCM Bocas Prize for Caribbean Literature
Shortlisted for the Association of Caribbean Writers 2017 Grand Literary Prize

Ranging widely in scope, time period, theme, locale, and voice, The Pain Tree is a powerful and engaging new collection of stories set in Jamaica, from Commonwealth Writers' Prize-winning author Olive Senior. (read more)
Safe as Houses - Susan Glickman
ISBN 9781770864368 | 5.125" x 7.625" | TP | $20

In Safe as Houses, novelist Susan Glickman explores her own Toronto neighbourhood, imagining how a confrontation with murder might peel away its veneer of security and civility. She also shows, through her warm, witty, and wise depiction of everyday life, what is worth saving. (read more)