Kaplansky, Jonathan


Jonathan Kaplansky studied at Tufts University and Université de Paris III, receiving an MA in French Language and Literature from McGill and an MA in Translation from the University of Ottawa. He has translated works by Annie Ernaux, Hélène Rioux, and Hélène Dorion. Originally from Saint John, New Brunswick, he currently lives in Montreal.

Books by the Author

Days of Sand - Hélène Dorion
translated by Jonathan Kaplansky
ISBN 9781897151075 | 5.125" x 7.625" | TPB | $18

An autobiographical work set on the shores of the St. Lawrence and the beaches of Maine which transcends mere biography to become a work of sensory fiction. (read more)
No Culture, No Future - Simon Brault
translated by Jonathan Kaplansky
ISBN 9781897151761 | 5.125" x 7.625" | TPB | $21

Simon Brault, a longtime advocate of the arts in Montreal, embarks on a campaign to convince the people and governments of cities across Canada that investment in the arts benefits all citizens. (read more)
Wandering Souls in Paradise Lost - Hélène Rioux
translated by Jonathan Kaplansky
ISBN 9781897151891 | 5.125" x 7.625" | TPB | $21

A collection of interconnected tales in which people from vastly different walks of life are united in their search — spanning cultures, histories, and geographies — for what they have lost and what they never had: a soulmate, a soul, childhood, and a reason to go on living. (read more)
Wednesday Night at the End of the World - Hélène Rioux
translated by Jonathan Kaplansky
ISBN 9781897151426 | 5.125" x 7.625" | TPB | $21

Rioux portrays our world the way Escher would a staircase: intricate, troubling, fantastic, and always surprising. (read more)