Titles (by release date)

Please note this list is arranged by the release date of the most current edition of each title


In a Wide Country
Out Standing in the Field: A Memoir by Canada's First Female Infantry Officer
Over the River:
A Benny Cooperman Mystery

Read This Before You Diet:
The Science of Weight Loss Explained

The Unfinished Dollhouse:
A Memoir of Gender and Identity


Borrowed Days
Family Outing, A
Jane Loop, The
Land Mine, The
Molly O
Selected Poems 1967-2011
Sweetest One, The


Breaking Words, The
Catullus's Soldiers
From Tolerance to Tyranny:
A Cautionary Tale from Fifteenth-Century Spain

Hope Makes Love
Music for Love or War
Pain Tree, The
River Music
Safe as Houses
Secret Music, A
These Good Hands


Celia's Song
City of Fallen Angels:
A Mike Ward Mystery

Curtains for Roy
Fledglings, The
Flying With Amelia
Geography of Pluto, The
Illustrated Journals of Susanna Moodie, The
Just Beneath My Skin
Light Takes
Looking East Over My Shoulder
Man and the Woman, The
Message for Mr. Lazarus, A
Old Masters
Post-Communist Stories:
About Politics, Cities, Desires

Salt in the Wounds
Tiny Wife, The
Western Light, The
When We Were Old


All the Daylight Hours
Aunt Winnie
Bee Garden, A
Critic, The
Critical Injuries
Desperates, The
Duet for Three
Family Took Shape, The
Island: How Islands Transform the World
Last of the Lumbermen, The
Life Class
Life Without Death
rhythm to stand beside, a
Some Things About Flying


Ash Steps
City's Gates, The
Goodtime Girl, The
It's All About Kindness: Remembering June Callwood
My Life Among the Apes
Out of My Skin
Port Inventory, The
So Long
Sugar Thieves
Tale-Teller, The
Waking in the Tree House
Western Light, The
Whirling Girl, The
Whiskey Creek:
A Porter Cassel Mystery

Words to Live By


And Also Sharks
Come from Afar
Copernicus Avenue
Dancing Lessons
Étienne's Alphabet
Great Village
Jonas Variations, The: A Literary Séance
No End in Strangeness
Other Side of Ourselves, The
Passing Through
Pursuit of Perfection, The:
A Life of Celia Franca

some frames
Tattoo, The
Undercurrents: New Voices in Canadian Poetry


Breathing the Page: Reading the Act of Writing
Death Spiral
Hooked on Canadian Books: The Good, the Better, and the Best Canadian Novels Since 1984
Jeanne's Road
Likely Story, A: A Joe Barley Mystery
Lives of the Saints: Twentieth Anniversary Edition
Lyric Ecology:
An Appreciation of the Work of Jan Zwicky

Month of Sundays, A
New Under the Sun
No Culture, No Future
Queen of Unforgetting, The
Sounding Line
Such a Good Education
Waiting for the Revolution
Wandering Souls in Paradise Lost
Witness to a City:
David Miller's Toronto


After the Red Night
Because I Have Loved and Hidden It
City of Words: Toronto Through Her Writers' Eyes
Death in Key West: A Bradford Fairfax Murder Mystery
From this Distance
Gift from Berlin, The
Heart Specialist, The
High-Wire Summer
Honey Locust, The
One Careless Moment:
A Porter Cassel Mystery

Perfect Red:
The Life of Paraskeva Clark

Still Life With June
A Novel of Love and War

Valentine's Fall
Walking on Water
Wednesday Night at the End of the World


Aegean Tales
Days of Sand
Distantly Related to Freud
Frankenstein Murders, The
Lives of the Saints
Mortal Sins
No Beautiful Shore
Only Snow in Havana, The
Operation Rimbaud
P-Town Murders, The:
A Bradford Fairfax Murder Mystery

Scene Stealer, The
Silver Salts
Soul of All Great Designs, The
Violets of Usambara, The
What's Law Got to Do With It:
The Law, Specialized Courts and Domestic Violence in Canada

Wind Tails
Wolf's Head, The:
Writing Lake Superior

Worlds Within Her, The


And Beauty Answers: The Life of Frances Loring and Florence Wyle
Bottle Rocket Hearts
Empress Letters, The
Finding Home
Glass Voices
Hidden Agenda
Inside Toronto: Urban Interiors 1880s to 1920s
Midnight Cab
My Sister's Blue Eyes
Other Men's Sons
Queen's Court
To the Far Shore
Woman Who Walks on Glass, The


Cadence of Civil Elegies, The
Coureurs de Bois
Day Into Night: A Porter Cassel Mystery
Doubting Yourself to the Bone
Gently Down the Stream
Greener than Eden
Home Schooling
Intimate Partner Violence: Reflections on Experience, Theory, and Policy
Man Who Wanted to Drink Up the Sea, The
Perfect Circle, The
Pure Inventions
Strange Ghosts
Targets of Affection:
A Shelby James Mystery

Treading Water


Adieu, Betty Crocker
Banana Boys
Blackbird's Song, The
Cities of Weather
Extraordinary Garden, The
Gaff Topsails
Making a Killing
Oil Patch Quartet, The:
An Omnibus of Four Novels by John Ballem

Purple for Sky
Soon to be a Major Motion Picture
Unyielding Clamour of the Night, The
Vanishing Man, The


Alien House, The
Ordinary Star, An
Seven Short Stories

Volkswagen Blues
Voyage on Sunday, A
What's Remembered


Beyond Measure
Body's Place, The
Casual Brutality, A
Drowning in Darkness
Earth and High Heaven
English Gentleman, An
Friday Water
Good Life, A
Home Movies
Louder than the Sea
Miss September
Swiss Sonata
Terra Firma
Tyler's Cape
Whole Night Through, The
Wild Cat


Autumn Rounds
Doing the Heart Good
Living In The World As If It Were Home
Summer Point
Thinking and Singing:
Poetry and the Practice of Philosophy


Dragons Cry


Before the Flood


Bookfair Murders
Buried on Sunday
Couchwarmer: A Laundromat Adventure
Mice Will Play, The
No Early Birds
Sunday Best
Working on Sunday


After the Angel Mill


Pursemonger of Fugu, The:
A Bathroom Mystery

Very Large Soul, A:
Selected Letters from Margaret Laurence to Canadian Writers


Rock Farmers, The


Frog Moon
Sound of Living Things, The


Sunday's Child
Victory of Geraldine Gull, The