All the Daylight Hours
by Luke Hathaway

All The Daylight Hours



All the Daylight Hours took shape over the course of twelve years, through many changes of setting and amid a changing cast of characters encountered both face to face and in the pages of books long lived-with and loved. The poems themselves ring changes on nature and artifice, love and loss, the power of language and the limitations of language, returning to these themes in a wide variety of registers. No less moving for being meticulously crafted, these elegies, epithalamiums, dramatic monologues, and meditations trace a human journey in which the mythological, the philosophical, the literary, and the personal interweave and converse.

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Publication Date: April 1, 2013

ISBN: 9781770862616

Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 6" x 9"


POE011000 POETRY / Canadian


“There’s a quiet subtlety to Amanda Jernigan’s poetry. It breathes in deep and exhales with a gentle sigh … Jernigan is deeply rooted in nature; her place in the poetical landscape is among the pines and roots of civilization.”
New Brunswick Telegraph Journal


“Perhaps this book could be read as a “choose your own adventure,” instead of reading it from start to finish. It would give the reader a better perspective of the variety Jernigan is capable of … All the Daylight Hours is nothing short of a quest for the reader, with a satisfying return, leaving us different than before.”
Freefall Magazine


“I fell hard for this book … just the impact of that final line alone [from the poem ‘Prescribed Burn’] gives you a sense of how much Jernigan is able to suggest with language — visually, metrically, aurally, etymologically, and metaphorically … supremely intelligent, and full of love that doesn’t breach decorum.”
— Ange Mlinko, author of Marvelous Things Overheard