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ISBN: 9781770866096

Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 6" x 9"


BUS050010 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Personal Finance / Budgeting

BUS024000 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Education

BUS050050 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Personal Finance / Taxation

Subtitle: How to Afford Your Bundle of Joy

Price: $19.95


Publication Date: November 21, 2020


You’ve taken the pregnancy tests, made the big announcement and perhaps even caught a glimpse of your baby on a sonogram. Congratulations!


Everyone knows that it costs money to have a baby, but just how much money? While the experts don’t agree on one specific amount, they do agree that raising kids costs a pretty penny. The good news is that there are tradeoffs expectant and new parents can make to their lifestyles to make having a baby — and the price tag attached — more manageable.


In Babies: How to Afford Your Bundle of Joy, writer Lisa van de Geyn leans on financial experts to help parents reduce their expenses and prepare for the financial consequences of the new additions to their families. This guide includes everything they need to know, from the benefits of setting up a registered education savings plan to the tax implications of parental leave, from the government support available to advice on getting on employment insurance. The approach to budgeting and financial tips & tricks will help new parents work through the financial implications so they can embrace the sheer excitement of pregnancy knowing they are ready and equipped to cope with the consequences to their bank account.

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