Chasing Painted Horses

ISBN: 9781770865600

Price: $32.95

Format: Hardcover

Size: 6" x 9"

Publication Date: Sept 14, 2019


FIC019000 FICTION / Literary

FIC071000 FICTION / Friendship

FIC059000 FICTION / Native American & Aboriginal

"Taylor doesn’t shy away from challenging the reader, but he offers us beacons of light in the most unexpected places."

I've Read This

"Readers will appreciate the touching depiction of family and friendship dynamics in childhood, and the novel's suffusion with empathy makes it a worthwhile read."

Quill & Quire


“Drew Hayden Taylor is one of those dangerous writers who knows the potential of humour, and how far it can reach into society, how deep it can cut, how quickly it can heal.”

— Thomas King, author of The Inconvenient Indian

"Drew has given us a grand mystery, a riddle, a gift.  Every page was turned with growing wonder. I will be thinking about this novel for years to come … The elegance he's created here with Danielle's precious gift will shadow us for years."

— Richard Van Camp, author of Moccasin Square Gardens




Chasing Painted Horses has a magical, fable-like quality. It is the story of four unlikely friends who live in Otter Lake, a reserve north of Toronto. Ralph and his sister, Shelley, live with their parents. One day, their mother brings home a chalkboard and installs in prominently in the kitchen. She wants her children and their friends to draw something every week, at the end of which there’ll be a vote as to which is the best artwork. Danielle, a small and quiet girl from school, draws a horse – a breathtakingly beautiful horse. And while she wins the competition, the reactions to her work set in motion a series of actions and reactions that will shape the lives of the brother and sister and William, Shelley’s would-be-boyfriend, that rarity, a bully who bullies other bullies.