ISBN: 9781770862630

Price: $18.00

Format: Trade Paperback

Size: 6.00" x 9.00"


Publication Date: Apr 01, 2013

POE011000 POETRY / Canadian

“Daniel Karasik lays out an ambitious spread. Hungry is a feast—a table piled high with sushi restaurants and Greyhound buses, locker rooms and microscopes … the collection is replete with flash moments of insight, Karasik’s speaker laying aside his world weariness in the face of simple revelations.”
ARC Poetry



Wry and searching, wise and playful, Daniel Karasik's poetic voice is singular, the voice of an old soul navigating contemporary straits. Witty delight and precocious insight commingle in refreshingly accesible poems whose thrust is philosophical even when the poet is at his most irreverent. Hungry, Karasik's first collection of poetry, is an introduction to one of the bright literary lights of his generation.