Life Without Death

ISBN: 9781770862432

Price: $21.00

Format: Trade Paperback

Size: 5.36" x 8.00"

Publication Date: May 21, 2013

FIC019000 FICTION / Literary
FIC029000 FICTION / Short Stories (single author)

Shortlisted, 2014 Trillium Book Award (English language)
Shortlisted, 2014 ReLit Award (Short Fiction)

“[Refuses] to explain things in a blandly expository manner … the essential loneliness and alienation of the characters is exposed and, in very rare instances, transcended.”
National Post


In Life Without Death, the latest short story collection from Peter Unwin, ordinary men and women search for meaning in lives subject to change, chance, coincidence, and catastrophe.

A man recalls a lifetime of love and loss while copying contacts out of his old little black book. A woman is left her dying father's secret stash of pornography, and is entrusted with the unenviable task of disposing of it. A new father unexpectedly discovers a way of connecting to his autistic son. For one day, guests to a wedding set aside their various past misdeeds in order to celebrate a young couple's union. A teenager newly introduced to a life of petty crime suddenly finds himself in way over his head. A man's former acquaintance resurfaces decades later as the subject of a haunting art film.

Unwin's characters live full, complex lives within each story. Though they may not find the simple answers they seek, if such answers even exist, they-and readers-gain something farmore valuable on their journeys: perspective.