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Mia Anderson

Mia Anderson lives outside Québec City with her husband. She was for many years an actor, then a shepherd and grower, then an Anglican priest in Québec City. Her theatre career included the Stratford Festival, CBC, Theatre Plus, MTC, Centaur, Manchester Library, the Royal Shakespeare Co. and the Traverse, Edinburgh. Her one-woman performance, 10 Women, 2 Men and a Moose, which toured nationally, showcased then-recent Canadian writers and presaged her own involvement in the writing life. Farming in Ontario she produced, as well as sheep, two Malahat Review Long Poem Award-winning poems, one of which also took a National Magazine Award gold. Anderson's "The Antenna" won the Montreal International Poetry Prize 2013. Her last poetry collection, The Sunrise Liturgy, was shortlisted for the 2013 A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry.

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