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Nothing Ordinary
by Larry Krotz

Nothing Ordinary

ISBN: 9781770866386

Format: Trade Paperback w/ Flaps
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"


HIS006000 HISTORY / Canada / General

MED039000 MEDICAL / History

EDU016000 EDUCATION / History

Price: $24.95


Publication Date: October 2, 2021



A school of medicine made for the people by the people.

This is the story of how 800,000 citizens created their own school of medicine, and what it has meant for the region and its people.

Northern Ontario is a vast territory — almost as big as France and Germany combined — with a widely scattered population the size of only 10% of the rest of the province. Rich in forests, minerals, scenery and brilliant, hardy people, Ontario’s north, like many other rural and remote areas, had difficulties attracting and keeping doctors. The solution, they decided, was to train their own.

An astonishing percentage of graduates remain to serve the unique needs of their home communities, from rural, to Indigenous, to Francophone. Over the course of twenty years, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine has transformed healthcare and created a legacy of a school that is far from ordinary.

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