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Publication Date: Aug 01, 2014



BIO026000 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs

“George’s adventures and misadventures make Pinboy the best candidate for a Stephen Leacock Award in a long, long time … [it] deserves a higher reward than that: many, many readers.”
The Globe and Mail


“There’s a great deal of gentle humour in this book, and no overt sentimentality. Nostalgia might not be what it used to be, but most of the time it’s pretty darned good.”
Vancouver Sun


“Bowering’s always had a knack for presentation in print … Pinboy reads easily, breezily, as a memoir or a novel, or Spalding Gray-like monologue.”
Winnipeg Review


“I’ll hazard a prediction that Pinboy will be George Bowering’s most provocative work.”


“It’s the best kind of nostalgia – the kind that makes you think wistfully back on your own fifteen-year-old life. It would not work if the author were not still infused with some of that teenager’s verve and decency and wit. The boy is still very much a part of the man, and we’re all the better for it.”
BC Studies




As a teenager, legendary Canadian poet George Bowering lived the life of an ordinary boy. He loved baseball, read Westerns, held a part-time job, and fantasized about girls and women. George was due for a sexual awakening, which arrived when he was fifteen. But what took place was anything but ordinary when George found himself vying for the affections of three very different women: his first love, the girl from the wrong side of the tracks, and one of his high school teachers.


Set in the South Okanagan Valley in the Fifties, Pinboy is an intimately honest and often hilarious memoir that skilfully captures the delirious chaos that takes place as a boy becomes a man.