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by Pablo Urbanyi

translated by Hugh Hazelton


Price: $20.00


Publication Date: April 12, 2011



On a visit to Gabon, an American sociologist couple purchase an infant ape in order to study its development in an “enriched environment” — taking it back to California and raising it as a human being — and gain insight into human behaviour. The ape, named Silver, displays a remarkable aptitude for human skills, like using a toilet and brushing his teeth. Most shockingly, the ape can also speak — and after a long, eventful life among the humans, he has plenty to say.

Scathing and poignant, Silver is a no-holds-barred critique of modern life, told from the tragic perspective of a civilized animal stranded in the wilderness of Western society.

ISBN: 9781897151914

Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 5" x 7.5"


FIC019000 FICTION / Literary

FIC052000 FICTION / Satire


Silver reminds us, in the most amusing way possible, of the complexity which is the human animal, for whom natural is ‘unnatural’.”

— Canadian Literature

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