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The Great Goldbergs
by Daniel Goodwin

Great Goldbergs, The

ISBN: 9781770866591

Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"


FIC 019000 Fiction / Literary

FIC 071000 Fiction / Friendship

FIC 043000 Fiction / Coming of Age

Price: $24.95


Publication Date: September 30, 2023


How far would you go to be accepted?


Dazzled by the bright lives of David Goldberg and his wealthy family, young Sean McFall finds himself pulled into their world. As Sean grows up and becomes further entwined in the Goldberg family and their business, he discovers a tyrannical and abusive patriarch, an estranged relative bent on revenge, and dark family secrets.


Struggling to reconcile his first impressions of the rich and powerful Goldberg dynasty with the realities he comes to understand, Sean must determine who he is, what he will stand for, and his relationship to our culture’s materialistic definition of success.

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