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The Uncaged Voice
Stories by Writers in Exile
edited by Keith Ross Leckie

Uncaged Voice, The

ISBN: 9781770867116

Format: Trade Paperback w/ flaps
Size: 6" x 9"



SOC066000 SOCIAL SCIENCE / Refugees

POL039000 POLITICAL SCIENCE / Censorship

Price: $29.95


Publication Date: September 23, 2022

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The pieces of writing in The Uncaged Voice can be brutal and heart-rending, but they also show the strength and resilience of journalists and writers from countries where freedom of the press and of expression are ideals, not reality. These writers are all refugees from such places; theirs are voices that speak to a world in which totalitarian forces attempt to subjugate, if not annihilate, all dissention. With introductions by editor Keith Ross Leckie and Mary Jo Leddy.


Contributors include:


Aaron Berhane

Gezahegn M. Demissie

Alexander Duarte

Ava Homa

Adulrahman Matar

Ilamaran Nagarasa

Luis Horacio Nájera

Kiran Nazish

Pedro A. Restrepo

Maria Saba

Kaziwa Salih, PhD

Mahdi Saremifar

Bilal Sarwary


Arzu Yildiz

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