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edited by Robyn Sarah


ISBN: 9781770860049

Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 6" x 9"


POE001000 POETRY / Anthologies (multiple authors)

POE011000 POETRY / Canadian



Undercurrents: New Voices in Canadian Poetry is an introduction to the work of eleven poets who have not yet published full collections of their own, but whose poems have been making their way into print in Canada and abroad.


The poems have been hand-picked by editor Robyn Sarah both for their qualities as individual poems and for the ensemble they create. Each selection has been compiled with a view to showing the poet’s range, yet each is also sequenced so that the poems work effectively as a suite.


The contributors’ ages span five decades, bringing to bear the perspectives and concerns of different life stages. This is not the latest crop of MFAs in Creative Writing, but a foraged gathering of eleven strongly individual poets coming from different regions, different backgrounds, and different walks of life. What they have in common is their uncommon ability to explore our shared human condition in words that resonate.



E. Blagrave
Sarah Feldman
Hamish Guthrie
Amanda Jernigan
Daniel Karasik
Michael Lithgow
George Pakozdi
E. Alex Pierce
Jason Ranon Uri Rotstein
Key Weber
Margo Wheaton

Price: $24.00


Publication Date: March 2, 2011


“Speaking personally, I had this book on my desk a considerable time. The deaths of both parents within a six-month period meant I had to read the book twice, and parts of it, three or four times. The re-reading was worth it. After so much shock and so much grief, it has been indeed life affirming to absorb and re-absorb this collection of insistent, original voices.”

The Rover

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