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High-Wire Summer

by Louise Dupré

Translated by Liedewy Hawke

High-Wire Summer

ISBN: 9781897151532

Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 5.2" x 7.65"

Price: $21.00


Publication Date: October 1, 2009



In this collection of twenty-six stories, acclaimed author Louise Dupré celebrates women who have reached the summer of their lives, with plenty to look back upon and even more to look forward to. In one story, two lovers trapped by a snowstorm call an end to their relationship. In another, a woman buries her father but finds herself unable to grieve for him. At Expo 67, a teenage girl discovers the world and the fellowship of humankind. A quietly desperate academic travels to a conference and unexpectedly finds passion — perhaps even love.

These women are tightrope-walkers, alone and courageous; having crossed so many thresholds, they must now find the strength to defy convention, and take one more leap into the unknown in order to start over. Dark, yet radiant, High-Wire Summer is proof of Louise Dupré’s ability to disarm and seduce with the delicate music of her words.


FIC019000 FICTION / Literary

FIC029000 FICTION / Short Stories (single author)

Shortlisted, 2010 Governor General’s Literary Award for Translation


“Radiates confidence and felicity … a marvel brimming with unforgettable tableaux, balanced, bodacious, often brilliant … simply bask in the wonder of a gorgeous performance by two of this country’s most accomplished creators, hands down, arms outstretched, heads held high.”
The Globe and Mail

“Liedewy Hawke’s graceful translation adroitly and sensitively recreates the rhythm and poetry of Louise Dupré’s writing, and the delicate and astute observations of her reflective vignettes.”
— Governor General’s Literary Awards jury citation

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