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Safe as Houses

by Susan Glickman

Safe As Houses

ISBN: 9781770864368

Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 5.13" x 7.85"


FIC022070 FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Cozy

FIC022040 FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths

FIC022100 FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Amateur Sleuth

Price: $20.00


Publication Date: May 23, 2015



Liz Ryerson believes that Hillcrest Village, her Toronto neighbourhood, is quaint and quiet, but stumbling over a corpse while walking her dog dissolves that illusion for good. When she realizes that she actually knew the dead man, a real estate broker who appraised the building she coowns with her philandering ex-husband, she becomes obsessed with solving the crime. The more instability is revealed in her life, the more she needs to find out who killed James Scott — and why.

Retired Classics professor Maxime Bertrand is delighted to play Watson to her Holmes. For Liz, the investigation is a way of asserting control in a world she no longer recognizes. It is also a means of proving to herself and her children she is not in retreat from life but can grow and change. For Maxime, it’s a way of becoming re-engaged in life after his wife’s death. Neither of them anticipates the possibility of real danger, despite police warning them to stop meddling in criminal matters.

In Safe as Houses, novelist Susan Glickman explores her own Toronto neighbourhood, imagining how a confrontation with murder might peel away its veneer of security and civility. She also shows, through her warm, witty, and wise depiction of everyday life, what is worth saving.


“The mystery is a good one … It’s short and fun and well-written and perfect for a rainy afternoon at home.”
The Globe and Mail

“Almost fits into the ‘cozy’ category of mysteries, but doesn’t surrender all its teeth in order to provide a soothing read … I don’t have a cottage, but if I did, this would be an excellent book to read there.”
National Post

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