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The P-Town Murders

by Jeffrey Round

P-Town Murders, The

ISBN: 9781897151280

Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 5.14" x 7.63"


FIC022090 FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Private Investigators

FIC011000 FICTION / LGBT / Gay

Price: $20.00


Publication Date: July 1, 2008



In a place that’s ‘to die for’, no one expects to die for real.

So muses undercover detective Bradford Fairfax after an anonymous caller tells him that his ex-boyfriend, party boy Ross Pretty, has died from an accidental overdose of ecstasy in “the gayest place on earth”: Provincetown, Massachusetts. Brad becomes convinced that Ross’s death is no accident, and his intention to bury his former lover suddenly turns into a full-scale investigation.

Brad quickly pins the murder on Ross’s ex-employer, the malevolent Hayden Rosengarten, owner of a high-end sex resort catering to a rich and famous clientele for whom discretion is everything. But when Rosengarten also turns up dead, the list of suspects suddenly grows: could it be Cinder Lindquist, the flamboyant female-impersonator? Or Johnny K., one of Rosengarten’s merciless henchmen? What about Big Ruby, the lesbian café owner with a big heart, but an even bigger gun? And why does everyone in P-Town seem to be a Buddhist? On top of it all, Brad finds himself falling in love with Zach, a blue-haired twink from his past.

Within this colourful cast of characters, it seems everyone has a secret to hide. Jeffrey Round has created a deliciously camp, sexy thriller with an unforgettable new breed of hero — one who always gets his man.

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