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The Y Chromosome

by Leona Gom

Y Chromosome, The

ISBN: 9781770865488

Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"


FIC019000 FICTION / Literary
FIC037000 FICTION / Political

FIC055000 FICTION / Dystopian

FIC00000 FICTION / General

Price: $19.95


Publication Date: May 11, 2019



The Y Chromosome challenges the reader to meet an all-woman society of the future. The few remaining men live in hiding. When one of these men is discovered, the resulting conflict threatens both worlds.

The futurist society was developed by necessity and is far from perfect, but it now abhors its male-dominated past, where violence escalated to an extreme. The journals of a man who lived during The Change reveal the desperate turmoil and anger of a world facing the extinction of half its members. The journals are now part of university history courses, leading to assessments of the past that are both ironic and disturbing.

Despite its striking differences to our world today, there are uncomfortable similarities. Taut and gripping, a page turner at its very best, the novel asks important and fundamental questions about who we are as women and men and what we will do to survive.


Originally written and published thirty years ago to enthusiastic reviews, The Y Chromosome is even more relevant today.


“Find it, read it, and weep — no matter your sex.”

— Andrew Armitage, The Sun Times

“This is not another novel to be miscast as ‘another woman’s book’ but rather one that deserves a slow and careful read from readers of both sexes.”

— Globe and Mail

“I really had a good time with this book. I really found myself involved with it.”

— Peter Gzowski, Morningside

“If you, as a male, have ever wondered how the unequal power between women and men could possibly tilt a sexual relationship in the man’s favor, then read this book. If, as a woman, you have ever had trouble explaining to a man how inequality gets carried over to the bedroom, get this book…. It deserves to be as widely read and widely discussed as The Handmaids Tale.”

The Kingston Whig-Standard

“Gom’s courageous third novel dares to challenge misogynist and feminist alike. The Y Chromosome is compellingly written; its taunt prose seldom falters. Gom’s even-handed treatment of both male and female characters and her refusal to descend into caricature or diatribe make her novel a powerful exploration of the complexity of the gender-difference issue.”

The Edmonton Journal

The Y Chromosome has all the making of a political bombshell Gom is a writer with a brilliant gift for narrative. The book’s plot powers along at breakneck speed. It is going to provoke quite a storm.

NOW Magazine

“Frequently, sci-fi and futuristic fiction is devoid of the real substance that makes writing exciting. Gom’s novel is given the grace of humanity. It is the predictable nature of compassion and jealousy, parental love, that gives this book credibility. Her future society, often self-righteous and self-serving like any functioning Utopia, is treated with gentle satire.

The Vancouver Sun

The Y Chromosome is really just a dandy novel, a page-turner.”

Victoria Times-Colonist

“Gom’s Novel affords a well-written platform for thoughtful, gentle and at times quite witty reflection… It has a good balance of elements: nicely paced suspense, believable characters, and provocative social commentary.”

B.C. Report

“A chilling depiction. Reviewers, both male and female, have praised her attempt to balance gender portrayals in her novel.”

Toronto Star

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