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Water Proof
by Aaron Bushkowsky

Water Proof

ISBN: 9781770866362

Format: Trade Paperback w/ flaps
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"


FIC019000 FICTION / Literary

FIC016000 FICTION / Humorous / General

FIC045010 FICTION / Family Life / Marriage & Divorce

FIC080000 FICTION / Multiple Timelines (new)

FIC090030 FICTION / World Literature / Canada / 21st Century



A dark, rousing comedy set in and around the Pacific Northwest, Water Proof is a story about infidelity, film-making, and the search for a missing kayaker.

When a self-driving car hits an extra on set and a lawsuit is filed, Andy sets out to bankrupt his own production company by making a movie about his weird and romantic life of infidelity. With his wife Anna, and her best friend, he embarks on a location-scouting trip to Desolation Sound, but the trip turns tragic when the friend goes missing and they have to call in search and rescue.

Not wanting the search to expose his affair with his wife’s best friend, Andy steals a memory card out of her camera. A memory card with evidence of the affair.

But Andy’s not as discreet as he thinks and the memory card is stolen from him. With the disastrous support of his best friend, Will, Andy makes a series of bad decisions in an attempt to recover it, leading him further from Anna than ever before. Will their marriage finally reach its breaking point?

Price: $24.95


Publication Date: October 26, 2021


“Aaron Bushkowsky is a very funny writer. Beyond that, he's somehow managed to take a shlubby, self-centred, bro-magnum man and make him and his road buddy Will, utterly endearing. With the bucolic settings, odd ball characters, and bizarre twists that seem entirely real, Water Proof will make you laugh and care, and then sad when it's all over.” 

— Susie Moloney, bestselling author of The Thirteen and Things Withered

“While many readers will find [the] … narrative complications enough to keep them engaged, there is a good argument to be made that the major impact of the novel is not the action-packed-oddball story, but the voice through which the story is told. Andy, after all, is a scriptwriter. It is his words and his sensibility that colour every word. Andy loves words, especially words that he both takes seriously and really, really doesn’t. Many writers are told that they need to develop a voice. Andy has a voice in spades.”

—The B.C. Review

Presenting Water Proof
by Aaron Bushkowsky

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